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Product Description – Toilet Waste Solution

An integral part of our pollution problem in Africa is the inadequate disposal of human waste. A basic requirement is that the system, whether on-site or waterborne sewerage must be environmentally sound. Non-functioning systems present serious health and pollution risks to the environment at large, especially to surface and ground water resources affecting people’s health.


KASOLIDE is a proprietary blend of superior aerobic and anaerobic bacteria selected for their ability to degrade organic waste. The product contains both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in equal proportions and hence can be used in many different applications. The application of KASOLIDE is the primary maintenance programme to the mobile toilet and is the single most important part to the well being of any sanitary system. If this not in place, the entire natural eco system cannot be maintained and will invite bad odours, flies and disease to these toilets.


• Improves system’s biological stability.
• Provides rapid system recovery and helps eliminate shock kills.
• Provides long-term odour control by removing the organics that cause bad odours.
• Also eliminates odour due to organic build-up.
• Reduces frequency of pumping.
• Degrades tissue, detergents, fats, oils, and grease.
• Reduces organic loading to septic drain field.
• Drain lines degrades and eliminates organics found in the drains.
• Regular addition maintains a cleaner and odour-free system.


Inactivation of Kasolide

• Enzymes present in KASOLIDE will tolerate temperatures up to 70% C. However, the bacteria in the product cannot tolerate temperatures in excess of 50%C.
• High concentrations of heavy metals will inhibit the activity of the product. Common cleaning agents containing chlorine (bleaches) and Quaternary ammonium compounds (disinfectants) etc can have a detrimental effect on the product.
• Neutralization of these inhibitors is necessary before treatment with KASOLIDE


• A stable consortium of safe Bacillus spores.
• Production of multiple enzymes providing a wide range of degradation capabilities.
• A synergistic blend that works in concert to provide superior performance across multiple applications.
• Excretion of high levels of amylase, cellulose. Lipase and protease enzymes.
• Ability to work under aerobic and anaerobic conditions
• KASOLIDE conforms to GRAS, WHO and FDA recommended standards.
• KASOLIDE is an environmentally friendly, safe-to-use product in the event of an accidental spillage wash the affected area with copious amounts of water.
• Septic and waste treatment- KASOLIDE maintains effective activity in septic systems by eliminating the need for excessive pumping.
• Eliminates odour caused by incomplete digestion of malodorous volatile fatty acids.
• Odour controller- KASOLIDE penetrates into cracks, crevices and pores of surfaces where organics accumulate, actually removing the organics to leave a visually cleaner surface.
• Provides long-term odour control, removing the organics that the cause odours and prevents the return of odour-causing compounds.

Safety Precautions

• KASOLIDE is an environmentally friendly, safe-to-use product that contains a non-GMO strain of Bacillus Subtilis Spore and various Enzymes derived from this organism, for Example, Bacterial A-Amylase and Proteases.
• No product specific certification is provided for however the Strain for the active ingredients is non-pathogenic and the Enzyme are produced by standard fermentation techniques and Conform to Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status and have FDA approval for foodstuff applications.
• The preparation conforms to FAO/WHO and FCC recommended standards. In the event of an accidental spillage, wash the affected area with copious amounts of water.

Storage and Dosage

To maintain maximum activity of the enzymes and the viability of the bacteria, KASOLIDE should be under cool & dry conditions, namely less than 25oC. The dosage for a long standing pit latrine is normally one sachet of 100 grams per week over four weeks. Thereafter, a dosage of one sachet every month will be sufficient to maintain the toilet. The initial dosage can be increased according to the state of the toilet at the discretion of the user.


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