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1. Place stove on a flat surface.
2. Remove pot support and regulator lid.
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3. Pour gel into the gel container.
4. Replace pot support.
5. Dip an end of a fork into some gel.
6. Light the gel and hover the lit gel above the gel container.
7. Set dial position to 1, 2 or 3 for the required heat intensity.
8. To extinguish flame set the heat adjuster dial to 0 and
replace regulator lid. Wash and and clean stove after use.
a) Before lighting the appliance, ensure that all the components are undamaged and properly assembled in accordance with the illustrated design.
b) Do not place the appliance near flammable items.
c) Place the appliance on a reasonably level andstable surface. The level can be checked by placing a pan of water on the surface.
d) Use only ethanol gel as a fuel.
e) Do not use paraffin, petrol, methylated spirit or water in the appliance.
f) Store ethanol gel out of reach of children in a safe container, marked ‘Ethanol Gel’.
g) Use the appliance in a well ventilated area.
h) Do not fill the appliance when lit.
I) Do not carry or move a cooking appliance when lit.
j) Do not leave a lit appliance unattended.
k) Be extremely careful if it is necessary to move the lit appliance.
l) Do not use the stove as a heater.
m) Do not leave children alone when the appliance is lit.
n) Make sure the heat adjuster is in the closed position and the fire is out when you have finished cooking.
o) Wash the stove regularly with water and dishwashing liquid.
p) Keep stove and cooking gel out of reach of children.
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